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The World Your Way are luxury travel gurus and expert Travel Brokers who specialise in bespoke holiday planning and advice for holiday-of-a-lifetime experiences. With ideas and suggestions on a range of unique destinations, we’ll put you in touch with our portfolio of travel consultants.

We also book you the best flights to destinations – places like Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, the USA, South America and Southern Africa including Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Travel like a local and experience exceptional bespoke holiday and tour itineraries, created by travel gurus, especially for you.

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Plan your off the beaten track holiday

We all know how important holidays are.

Be it a long weekend or a 6 month long round the world tour, an African Safari or a trip to Australia to experience their wonderful outdoor lifestyle, holidays are often the thing that keeps us going for the rest of the year.

For some it’s a well-earned break. For others it’s a much needed change of scene. For those who’ve long dreamed of the holiday-of-a-lifetime, it’s the realisation of a long held ambition.

You owe it to yourself to plan your tour or holiday, and the best way to do that is use local knowledge, via a Travel Broker.

Travel planning is often one of the best parts of going on holiday – dreaming up places to go and things to do. Do you want to travel the Great Ocean Road along the south-eastern coast of Australia? Do you want to experience the thrill of white water rafting on the Zambezi River – considered to be the very best white water river in the world? Or would you want to experience Giant Sperm Whales in their natural environment on a Kaikoura boat tour? Or visit the historic settling of the battle of Fugitives’ Drift on the Buffalo River in South Africa? Holidays should be ALL about what YOU want to do!

The importance of a Travel Broker who is an expert holiday planner

You might like to do all these things – maybe even as a holiday of a lifetime in one, long extended tour. But travel planning is essential. When it’s not in a brochure or part of a package – that’s when you need the help of a Travel Broker and bespoke travel planner. The World Your Way is expert at creating holiday itineraries out of the ordinary – helping you choose the best way of getting there, pin-pointing the hotels which are to your taste and selecting the excursions and activities YOU want to experience.

Travel Brokers for trips to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

With the expertise, experience and vital contacts on the ground, the World Your Way specialises in tours of and holidays in Australia and New Zealand, and Southern Africa. Travel Broker Kevin Bradshaw, one of the founders of The World Your Way, has spent the last 30 years making connections with local experts in these stunning locations and sending his clients to collect the memories of a lifetime.

Kevin comments, ‘You might have done the obvious tourist trips to the Sydney Opera House, South African safari tours and vineyard experiences, but then what? The World Your Way goes that bit further, with experiences that are too niche and specialist for the big package tour operators. We go beyond the obvious in countries you know and take you to countries off-the-beaten-track – trips to countries like Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.’

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The Travel Brokers at TWYW

Take advantage of a portfolio of travel specialists The World Your Way!

The travel referral business created by travel brokers Kevin Bradshaw and Keith Worrall – two like-minded travel enthusiasts with over 70 years of industry experience

Travel Brokers Kevin Bradshaw and Keith Worrall
Travel Brokers Kevin Bradshaw and Keith Worrall

We’re Kevin Bradshaw and Keith Worrall and we’re travel experts. We have an astonishing 70 years experience in the travel industry between us (but don’t call us travel veterans). And because we’re networked and have our ear to the ground, we can offer our customers a whole range of fantastic travel possibilities across all the continents.

We are travel brokers who offer a traditional travel service that’s bespoke and customised, which is why our customers trust us to make sure their holidays are exciting, stress free and seamlessly organised.

Kevin specialises in Bespoke Holidays and tours of Southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Keith’s experience and contacts are mainly in the USA, as well as being our flight booking expert. If Keith can’t get you there, no one can!

You have the dreams – we’ll make them happen!

Let us help make your travel dreams come true… You could be sipping a glass of wine while watching leopards in the Okavango Delta or feeling the wind through your hair as you bike along Route 66.

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Our contacts on the ground are travel professionals who we know, respect and trust. They allow us to make sure our customers can travel to Africa, Australia & New Zealand, the Middle East and North, South and Central America, happy in the knowledge that they will have the best experience possible and that they will always have a trustworthy local contact. 

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What We Do

Booking your Schedule – where and when, and what YOU want to do

Once you’ve come to a decision on which part of the world you want to experience, get in touch with The World Your Way and let our travel partners and their local contacts create a bespoke itinerary for you. Planning your holiday is vital – our associates have a wealth of local knowledge and we’ll take into account specific requests – for example, if you’re going on safari and want to see a particular kind of animal, our we’ll know exactly where to book.


We’ll organise everything: flights, transfers, accommodation, onward travel and travel experiences and provide a full itinerary for you.


Where possible we’ll provide you with contacts on the ground who you’ll be able to contact should you need to.

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